by Jerry Kranitz
   Published in UK 2020 by Vinyl-On-Demand (VOD)

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RSM entry:

Part II

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     R. Stevie Moore's ads for his R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, appeared regularly
in Op starting in the early 1980s. Moore recalls how he designed the ads to draw
attention: "The Cassette Club was just a banner title, name, concept, that's all. I didn't truly
and properly make it an authentic club with membership rules, cards, fees, autographed 8X10s.
I just called it that as a joke; sort of a splashy announcement that my full oeuvre up to that point
became a real catalogue, with title lists, item numbers. One couldn't officially join up
though, other than to merely order something and then suddenly become an automatic member.
I guess what made it official to me was my decision to print up a xeroxed catalogue. I mailed out
hundreds of them. And also the explosion of the format itself; cassettes were ideal for duping my
original reel-to-reels. Consider the fact that for a short while prior, I would send out my music on
reel-to-reel copies! As far as 'distributing' cassettes before the club, no, it was always just supply
and demand, dubbed to order or request. No proper distributiing thru normal channels."
(footnote 194 = Author's interview April 2009)

[OP advert]


by Irwin Chusid, uncredited

R. STEVIE MOORE (1952-19??)__________

A Few Words to the Concerned Public, Fans,
the Merely Curious, and Those With Impres-
sionable Ears:

     Rumor has it some of you out there in the
vast expanses might be interested in obtaining
R. Stevie Moore's music. Well, if you haven't
jotted down the right addresses, or if you wrote
to the right address and still nothing hap-
pened, we're going to tell you how to go about
acquiring your own personally-programmed
selection of R. Stevie Moore's so-called
     Stevie's records --- Phonography, Delicate
and Stance, all had limited pressings,
and they're becoming difficult to find. Because
of the cost involved there will probably be no
further pressings. And Stevie has no plans to
get together a band and perform.
     However, fueled by an almost fanatical
determination to make Stevie's music available
before he dies young, we've come up with the
following solution: R. Stevie Moore's Cassette
. Wouldn't you really rather have a
cassette than a record anyway? Cassettes
don't scratch, they fit in your pocket, they're
marvelously portable (home, car, friend's
home, friend's car), and they stack up nice and
neat. They also cost less.
     Stevie will record a cassette for you at home
from his master tapes. Every cassette will have
a different mix of tunes. (Requests graciously
honored if you're familiar with any of it.) And
there are hundreds of tunes to choose from,
recorded over a span of 10 years.
     The cost: $8.00, for up to 90 minutes of
opriginal music you can't get anywhere else.
Recorded on quality cassette, with Dolby, if
desired. And Stevie makes the following
guarantee: if you aren't satisfied with the
cassette, he'll give you back your money. And
you won't have to go to court for it.
     This is as direct an offer as we can make. We
decided to spare any hype, press clippings,
one-line critical raves, and extraneous super-
latives, which don't mean a hell of a lot to a
sophisticated audience. If you're unfamiliar
with the music of R. Stevie Moore, we wouldn't
expect you to accept our opinion of its quality.
If you're intrigued enough, you might care to
gamble the 8 bucks. If you'd like more specific
information, we'll send that for free.

Simply write:
     R. Stevie Moore
     177 Park Street
     Montclair, N.J. 07042

be the first on your block

cross-section of R. Stevie Moore's unique "stereocular" record-
ing process which enables the composer to transmit frequencies
to magnetic tape via concentrated substratal optic exposure

::Incredible new hardback book received yesterday (free comp from the author), 320 pages, with 2CD various artists (46 tracks). I'm in it, and "Puttin' Up The Groceries" is on disc2. Long time in the works, it's huge + heavy, 3 pounds; 9" x 8" x 1.5" thick, heavy paper. Almost too much obscure info/interviews etc (not enough RSM!). Expensive ($117 / 102 euros). Almost all of the music is extreme experimental noise and electronic; my track sounds like a bubblegum poprock hit single in comparison. Interestingly sequenced alphabetically by artists' first names.

One page has my content; basic historical information, and quotes from our 2009 email interview, and a startling vintage image I HAD NEVER EVEN SEEN BEFORE!? The Original Announcement (an advert for a cheap fanzine?) for the first unveiling of the RSM Cassette Club circa 1982?, written and designed by Irwin! I have zero recall, it's THAT early (and I never possessed a copy).::

Intensive 320 page Book written by Jerry Kranitz, it includes a 2CD loaded with almost 160 minutes of Cassette-Culture / DIY Artists. The book takes a social history/analytical approach to the growth of the global cassette culture/homemade music network that sprouted and flourished from the post-punk era through the early 1990s. The author explores how the participants communicated, traded, collaborated, and set up cottage industry labels to distribute their work. A long overdue study of this pivotal yet less than comprehensively documented chapter in the post-punk and 20th century independent arts movement stories.  

CD1: Artists A-K (Total Duration 79:51)
01. 10-Speed Guillotine 'Temper Tango‘ 1990 (4:24)
02. Aconite 'the truth about Cable TV‘ 1982 (3:05)
03. Another Headache 'Cacophony Continues‘ 1992 (5:31)
04. Autopsia 'Lebensherrgabe‘ 1983 (4:59)
05. Beequeen 'EE EA‘ 1988 (2:18)
06. Big City Orchestra 'Karawane‘ 1987 (3:44)
07. Bret Hart 'Partytime‘ 1985 (3:02)
08. Brume 'An Amphibian‘ 1988 (6:18)
09. Cacophony 33 'Frank‘ 1986 (1:37)
10. Charles Rice Goff III 'Big Surprise' 1990 (4:11)
11. Dog As Master 'Black Body' (Excerpt) 1985 (4:36)
12. Don Campau 'I am Not Satisfied' 1983 (3:02)
13. E Coli 'Lag Phase' 'Djihad‘ 1981 (1:19)
14. E G Oblique Graph 'Fall into Glass' 1982 (2:21)
15. F-i 'Zombie’ 1984 (4:50)
16. Gen Ken Montgomery 'It happened to You' 1983 (3:09)
17. Girls on Fire 'In My Blood' 1985 (1:29)
18. If,Bwana 'Beauty and the Beast’ 1986 (3:28)
19. ITN / Mental Anguish 'Force of Waves' (Edit) 1988 (2:24)
20. Jeff Central 'Tragick' 1988 (4:26)
21. Joseph K Noyce 'The Beat' 1988 (2:37)
22. Kapotte Muziek 'Audio Plagio 2‘ 1988 (3:58)
23. Ken Moore 'Soft Pretense‘ 1986 (2:33)

CD2: Artists L-Z (Total Duration 78:56)
01. Larynx 'Graett' 1981 (3:00)
02. Lord Litter 'St James Infirmary' 1990 (3:32)
03. Markus Schwill 'The Advantage Of Tape-Music' 1991 (2:29)
04. Minoy 'Eskalith' 1987 (5:16)
05. Monochrome Bleu 'Imagination' 1986 (2:26)
06. Muslimgauze ‚Cyst' 1983 (4:20)
07. Mystery Hearsay 'Painted‘ 1986 (2:03)
08. Non Toxique Lost 'Statements‘ 1982 (4:18)
09. PBK 'Untitled 04‘ 1990 (4:48)
10. Philip Johnson 'Two Tracks Unused At The Time‘ 1979 (3:07)
11. Psi Nukli Trip Sequence II’ 1988 (5:22)
12. R Stevie Moore 'Puttin' Up The Groceries' 1978 (2:59)
13. Ri Gillham 'Soundtracks for imaginary films‘ 1980 (2:03)
14. Rimbaud Brothers 'Deceit' 1984 (3:41)
15. Rod Summers 'Sad News' 1984 (3:29)
16. Sheer Zed 'Take a Walk Down the Street' (3:26)
17. Storm Bugs 'Hodge' 1978 (4:54)
18. Taste of Stool 'Squeeze Bees’ 1989 (1:01)
19. Viktimized Karcass '3.32 AM Rain‘ 1985 (5:24)
20. Vittore Baroni 'Living with Prosthesis‘ 1985 (2:06)
21. Walls of Genius 'Sunday, Monday Or Always!‘ 1983 (2:42)
22. Wolfgang Wiggers 'l'll Cry Tomorrow‘ 1983 (3:12)
23. Years on Earth 'Opposition‘ 1982 (2:46)

Audio samples: