"Flying High" b/w "Color Wheel"


RCA VICTOR 45 RPM #47-9332 - Sept 1966
Producer Danny Davis


Proof of the Puddin' was the name that producer Danny Davis gave to our band, formerly known as The Shakers, when we signed with RCA. We were Indiana natives then based in Boston. Harry Palmer wrote Flying High, the band personnel were Ross Hubler (lead guitar/vocals), Dave Groves (bass/vocals) Tirk Wilder (guitar/vocals) and Mike Moody (drums/vocals)

When Harry showed us the tune, the chorus wasn't complete and the band added the falsetto vocal part inspired by the backing vocals on the Johnny Rivers cover of the Motown hit, "Baby I Need Your Lovin'."

While we never got to "one hit wonder" status, Flying High was a one take wonder, the first song of the session and it was a keeper. The veteran engineers told us that this was a rare occurrence. Mike Moody was the lead vocalist.

George Goehring wrote Color Wheel, it was recorded with George at the harpsichord, and the band as singers. The orchestration was added later and when the band first heard it on the radio they had mixed feelings about the result.

Some of the unreleased songs, now lost, were very nice, especially the Harry Palmer composition "Season of Forgetfulness." Harry, who, I'm told, later became an exec at Atlantic Records, may still have the masters.

This band never made the big time but all the members continued to play in many different bands and sometimes together, the last time these four played together was in Oklahoma City in 1992.

Tirk Wilder is now a songwriter/singer living in Nashville Tenn. He is best known for writing the theme song for the TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger."

Dave Groves is a surveyor and still plays, occasionally with Moody in The Other Brothers Band

Mike Moody works in six bands in southern Indiana, playing blues, funk and newgrass.

Our beloved friend and virtuoso guitarist, Ross Hubler, passed away this year, God rest his soul.

~Mike Moody