Early Works (Push-Button Pleasure, Jung Analysts, etc.) 1984-


Is That A Fish On Your Shoulder, or are you just pleased to see me? 1987

The **** Sessions 1988

Little Flecks Of Foam Around Barking 1989

[Mums 1989 article in OPTION magazine]

Picasso's Problem/Live at London Palladium 1990

Go Germany 1991

Odessey and Oracle 1992

Porcupine Quills 1992


The Baby's Head 1997


Tree Climbing Goats (and other analysing shanties) 1986

Art Pop Stupidity 1993

A Brainless Deconstruction Of The Popular Song 1993

Keep The Black Flag Flying/Yukio's Dream #6 (Reservoir Girls) Pink Lemon 7" 1993

(Mostly) Water 1996

Good-bye Pork Pie Brain/Hello Pulsing Vein 1997

Objectivity (w/R. Stevie Moore) 1997

Conscientious Objector (RSM) 2004

The Yung & Moore Show 2004, 2006


Asmus Tietchens and Terry Burrows - Watching the Burning Bride (Hamster) 1986

Terry Burrows — The Whispering Scale (Hamster) 1989

Valborgmassoafton (Audiofile) C60 1991

YooKO — Matrix/Swirl (Zazaboem) 12" 1992

YooKO — Everybody Get it Together (Zazaboem) 12" 1992

Terry Burrows and Asmus Tietchens — Burning The Watching Bride (Disaster Area) 1998

The Test Tone Five 2006

Compilation appearances


ALL MUSIC GUIDE: YUKIO YUNG is the pseudonym of TERRY BURROWS, a London-based singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist with an apparently limitless appetite for both pseudonyms and side projects. Aside from his best-known alias, which he first used in the mid-'80s as one third of the psych-pop Chrysanthemums, Burrows has released instrumental prog rock as Push-Button Pleasure, acid house dance mixes as YooKo, and free-jazz-influenced pop-art experiments as the Jung Analysts. To top it all off, Burrows has released albums of avant-garde minimalism under his own name. All of this is in addition to his day job as a prolific author of computer manuals and music instruction books.

Born in Ipswich, England, on January 18, 1963, Burrows taught himself guitar, bass, drums, and saxophone as a teenager, in addition to pursuing a classical education on piano that had begun at the age of five. Although influenced by punk, it was more the anti-record industry D.I.Y. ethos that attracted him than the music. Burrows' influences included Syd Barrett, the Kinks, the Who, and the entire Canterbury progressive music scene that centered around the Soft Machine and its various offshoots, along with other '60s-influenced post-punks like XTC and the Television Personalities. By the mid-'80s, Burrows had started his own indie label, Hamster Records, releasing albums by his first band, the Jung Analysts, and similarly non-commercial artists. A chance meeting with singer/guitarist Alan Jenkins, whose psych-pop cult band the Deep Freeze Mice had just broken up, led to the formation of the Chrysanthemums, for whom Burrows was lead singer and keyboardist between 1986 and 1991; the band name, like Burrows' newly adopted stage name of Yukio Yung, came about as part of his fascination with Japanese culture.

Burrows released three albums and four EPs as co-leader of the Chrysanthemums before the band's original lineup splintered in 1991. Retaining the name Yukio Yung, he released his first solo album, Tree-Climbing Goats, in 1992. A follow-up vinyl-only LP, Art Pop Stupidity, followed in 1993, with a CD of entirely new material, A Brainless Deconstruction of the Popular Song, appearing later in the year. The Jeff Lynne EP, a 7" tribute to one of Burrows' personal heroes recorded during the Art Pop Stupidity sessions, was released in 1994, followed by the single "Keep the Black Flag Flying." The B-side of that single, "Reservoir Girls (Yukio's Dream #6)," is an inspired oddity featuring Burrows recreating the opening scene of Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs in a variety of computer-altered voices, with some parts sung in an operatic voice to fragments of classical music, before swinging into a dead-on cover of Ray, Goodman and Brown's slick '70s soul classic "Girls."

Burrows' next releases as Yukio Yung were a related pair of 10" EPs on the German Pink Lemon label, Goodbye Pork-Pie Brain and Hello Pulsing Vein. These discs found Burrows progressing into a more pop-friendly direction, although Goodbye Pork-Pie Brain did include the Can-like 15-minute drone-song "Yuri Gagarin." Four remixed songs from these EPs were released as the almost Brit-poppy CD EP (Mostly) Water. As Yung, Burrows also collaborated with R. Stevie Moore on the seven-song CD EP Objectivity in 1995, each covering one of the other's songs besides co-writing four others; the EP also includes Yung's lovely version of Robert Wyatt's "God Song." In 1996, Burrows rejoined with his ex-Chrysanthemums bandmate Martin Howells to form a new version of that group, re-christened with the cute visual pun Chrys&themums to differentiate it from the Jenkins lineup.

–Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

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R.StevieMoore sez: Have been in close touch with Terence Burrows UK since 1983-84, long-time London steviefan, shares my birthday, brilliant writer/musician, industrious indie-label man. His Hamster imprint issued my "VERVE" LP in 1985, and he used several of my tracks on compilation albums. His partner Alan Jenkins also became a big British stevie-supporter, releasing my "(1952-19??)" LP (1987) on his Cordelia label. Alan had a group called The Deep Freeze Mice. Terry, as well, recorded many projects under various names (Jung Analysts, Yukio Yung). They united to create THE CHRYSANTHEMUMS, putting out a handful of very incredible records for 10 years. RSM appears on several of them. Then in the Nineties, the Yukio Yung tour-de-force disc "A BRAINLESS DECONSTRUCTION OF THE POPULAR SONG" (Mermaid Records-Germany 1993) was dedicated solely to R. Stevie Moore. Following that, RSM and Yukio intensely mail-collaborated on the highly acclaimed JarMusic 3" CD-EP venture, "OBJECTIVITY" (1997), featuring legendary Camel drummer Andy Ward, and including their hit tune with Krystyna Olsiewicz, "Where We Are Right Now" (the LOUDEST R. Stevie Moore track ever made). Rumours are flying, about the next millennium and if & how Burrows can take RSM and the Chrysanthemums into the musical future. "THE YUNG&MOORE SHOW" promises to thrill, out any day now. Stay tuned.



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