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Drool Trough is an all genres show featuring cool music from the underground. Anything is game for Drool Trough, and from one track to the next you will hear completely different sounds and styles, all from homemade musicians and teeny weeny but ultra feisty labels. Your thoughts and feedback are welcome. Email your comments to


Drool Trough Show #66: R. Stevie Moore Special (August 26, 2007)

This edition of Drool Trough Radio is an all R. Stevie Moore special. Widely recognized as the father of the hometaper movement (or at least certainly the grandfather), Stevie was born 1952 in Nashville TN, and is the son of famed Elvis bass player and session man Bob Moore. Stevie has been recording his own music since 1966 and has released literally hundreds of cassette tapes, many vinyl releases on various labels, and of course CDs. This show will include recordings from 1969 to nearly the present, and represents a mere drop in the bucket of all he's recorded over the years. Be sure to visit Stevie's web site at, where you will find loads of information about this really fascinating songwriter and musician, as well are lots of downloads and links to a whole slew of Stevie's music videos at UTube.

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Part One

[Track 01: 0:00-4:10] "Puttin' Up The Groceries" (from What's the Point?!!)
[Track 02: 4:10-8:55] "Advertising Agency Of Fucking" (from Games & Groceries)
[Track 03: 8:55-12:45] "Cathy Cline" (from Unpopular Singer Vol. 6)
[Track 04: 12:45-16:45] "A Clever Combo" (from Tra La La La Phooey!)
[Track 05: 16:45-21:05] "You Can't Write A Song" (from Thoroughly Years: 1973-1976)
[Track 06: 21:05-24:30] "Tapes For People" (from Privacy)
[Track 07: 24:30-27:50] "Why Should I Love You" (from Hobbies Galore - His Best 16)
[Track 08: 27:50-31:50] "Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work" (from Unpop Vol. 6)
[Track 09: 31:50-32:55] "Horizontal Hideaway" (from Games & Groceries)
[Track 10: 32:55-36:15] "Nicotine Need" (from Disorganized Overactivity Or Tabitha Soren)
[Track 11: 36:15-40:20] "Cease All Relationships" (from Tra La La La Phooey!)
[Track 12: 40:20-43:00] "You Came Along Just In Time" (from Games & Groceries)
[Track 13: 43:00-45:55] "Encroachment" (from Privacy)
[Track 14: 45:55-52:40] "A Blind Man's Penis Rocky Top Salty Dog Blues" (from Unpop Vol. 6)

Part Two

[Track 15: 52:40-56:20] "My Truth" (from On Graycroft)
[Track 16: 56:20-1:00:05] "Play Myself Some Music" (from Hobbies Galore - His Best 16)
[Track 17: 1:00:05-1:02:05] "This Wednesday" (from Games & Groceries)
[Track 18: 1:02:05-1:04:15] "Theme from My Three Sons" (from Unpop Vol. 6)
[Track 19: 1:04:15-1:09:10] "You Must Be Out Of My Mind" (from Tra La La La Phooey!)
[Track 20: 1:09:10-1:12:20] "Getting My Heart Back" (from Disorganized Overactivity Or Tabitha Soren)
[Track 21: 1:12:20-1:17:10] "What Do I Do With The Rest Of My Life? / Don't Bore Us, Get To The Chorus" (from Unpop 6)
[Track 22: 1:17:10-1:20-40] "Check Around" (from Privacy)
[Track 23: 1:20:40-1:24:40] "Mason Jar" (from Thoroughly Years: 1973-1976)
[Track 24: 1:24:40-1:28:45] "I Wish Marvin Gaye's Father Had Shot Me Instead" (from Unpop Vol. 6)
[Track 25: 1:28:45-1:29:40] "Pasketti/Do It Again" (from Games & Groceries)
[Track 26: 1:29:40-1:33:05] "Thieves In The Choir" (from Disorganized Overactivity Or Tabitha Soren)
[Track 27: 1:33:05-1:34:30] "Juxtaposition Of Incongruities" (from Privacy)
[Track 28: 1:34:30-1:37:10] "Ill (Worst)" (from On Graycroft)
[Track 29: 1:37:10-1:39:05] "I'll Always Be Sad" (from Privacy)
[Track 30: 1:39:05-1:44-20] secret Beatletracks to close the show.

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